We are data nerds. Big time.

We create data sets and provide analytics tools to help your business thrive. 

But we don't just provide data. 

We love data.

We obsess about it being perfect.

We come up with new ways to use it. 

We find new ways to see it.

The only thing we love more than our data is sharing it with you.


The Capital Pipeline Data Team

Our Team

Capital Pipeline may be all about the data.

It was built by talented people.


Capital Pipeline has been a labor of love for over a dozen talented people.  

We had four rules: 

  1.  Only accurate and complete data. 
  2.  Put our users first and our technology second.
  3.  Make the information easy to use and understand. 
  4.  Have fun doing it.
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"Data is the foundation of great strategy."

Stephanie Nelson created Capital Pipeline after researching Capital Improvement Plans to build new public markets for large multi-national general contractors. After helping win over $4 billion dollars in new markets and projects, she understands this data and how to use it to grow business. 

"If the word on the street is the basis of your strategy, you will follow the crowd. Capital Improvement Plans give you the time and information to build a strategy to win."

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Capital Pipeline's partners are helping us fund and build the best capital improvement data set in Arizona and the United States. We could not do it without them. Thank you partners!